3MT International is an individual tournament meant for middle school students and below. Winners of Bronze awards and above are selected to compete in the MMT Global Finals in August 2023. Students not from the US or Canada should participate in the international version of the contest managed exclusively by SIMCC and their Country Council Partners (CCPs). Where SIMCC does not have a CCP, please contact
SIMCC to join 3MT.

About MMT

Mustang Math is a nonprofit organization of high school and college volunteers that are dedicated towards providing middle schoolers access to challenging, interesting, fun, and collaborative math competitions and resources! We are the organizers of the annual Mustang Math Tournament and we are also working on many new and exciting projects including a community Discord server, a YouTube channel, a training platform, and more! Having reached over 700 U.S. competitors in our first three years, plus an expected 500 more in our international tournament, we are excited to expand our team to offer our events to even more mathematically inclined students.

Why should you join MMT?

You should join Mustang Math if you are in high school or college and are passionate about promoting an interest in competition math to younger students!

A lot of our members currently cite that they joined Mustang Math because they want to share the love they have of competition math and the community that it provides to other students. Additionally, as a non-profit organization on the rise, there are numerous opportunities for volunteers to share ideas and suggest projects that they are interested in. Overall, working in the Mustang Math team is both a fun and fulfilling experience where volunteers are able to pursue their passion all while learning real-life skills such as teamwork and time management.