• All contestants will be required to share their screen and have a second mobile device to monitor them during the contest.
  • No cheating – This contest has a zero-tolerance cheating policy. Any evidence of cheating may lead to immediate disqualification, or any other punishment deemed appropriate by competition staff.
  • No calculators, rulers, compasses, protractors, or other aids are permitted. You may not use the Internet as a resource at any point during a test.
  • In order to help enforce this, we may require individuals to provide a solution for a problem during the competition – so keep track of your work!
  • Individuals may not collaborate with anyone. This includes other participants, parents, coaches, siblings, and friends. Individuals will be split into three divisions based on their grade level.
  • Students may choose to compete in a higher division than the grade they are attending in school. Student may not compete in a lower division than they are attending in school.

Scoring & Tiebreakers

Questions 1 to 10 are worth 4 points each. 
Questions 11 to 15 are worth 5 points each.
Questions 16 to 20 are worth 7 points each.
Your score in the 3MT Round is simply the number of questions you get right based on the points above. There is no deduction for wrong answers.