3MT Team

Andrew Liu

MMT Director

Arpit Ransaria

MMT Director

Carson Mitchell

MMT Director

The Mustang Math Tournament (MMT) is a middle school math competition run for middle school students around the nation. It is put together by Mustang Math, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization put together by high school and college students, including the directors of the Stanford and Berkeley Math Tournaments!

The tournament is centered around teamwork and collaboration, incentivizing students to work with their teams not only to navigate the challenging but interesting problems of the tournament, but also to develop strategies to master the unique and fun game-like rounds. With interesting and fun rounds including a logic-based puzzle round, a strategy-filled bingo round, a race-like gallop round, and our trademark ‘Mystery Mare’ round, our tournament is guaranteed to be enjoyable for any and all students who have an interest in mathematics.

The Mustang Mini Math Tournament (3MT) is our team’s effort to better prepare students for the MMT Global Finals. The 3MT will be an individual round where bronze and above winners are invited to compete in teams to expand their capabilities and love of mathematics.