Difference between DrCT and Bebras

What is the different process to registration for the competition as a school?


Please download the registration form and email to admin@simcc.org.  We will register the students accordingly to the system.


Bebras is an assessment and hence we do not need the school to submit the student information before the scheduled assessment date.  However school has to inform us the following information:

Scheduled assessment date and the estimated number of students taking Bebras.

How the competition is conducted – in terms of the format, the logistics required (venue, type of device, number of teachers required to supervise the students) etc. ?


DrCT is an online competitions.  The school can host it in the school where the students can take it in the class (BYOD) or the students can take it from home.

Please refer to the video below on how the students will take the contest online.


  • Take the competition from home

    If your students are going to take the contest from home, we will need them to login using 2 Zoom accounts.  The student will share their screen on zoom account 1 on the contest laptop.  The other zoom account can be logged in using any smart device and position it in the way that the invigilator is able to see the surrounding of the student to ensure that there is no cheating.

    Please refer to the attachment “Instructions for teachers” and “Configuration instructions for all invigilator and teacher” for more information.
  • Take the competition in school

    If the students are taking the contest in school, then it’s very similar to any paper-based competition.  They will just login to the system with the teacher invigilating them during the contest.

    You can refer to “SIMCCOCS Technical Requirement Document” for the instruction on checking the device use.



Bebras is an online assessment hosted on our portal.  Please refer to the link below on how to prepare for the assessment as well as the video on how conduct and take the assessment.  Similarly it can also be hosted at home but no 2 zoom accounts is required.  The student only need to ensure that they always turn on their video while taking the assessment.

Please refer to “Bebras workflow – How to conduct bebras (teacher)

How the school may help in preparing the students for the competition?

Both DrCT and Bebras are free for Secondary school students.

DrCT We have collaborated with Singapore Polytechnic to offer DrCT as a free competition for all secondary school students to support the IT initiatives of the government.  This is the pre-requisite competition for students to take part in National Software Competition (NSC) organized by SP.  The Gold award winners will also be invited by School of Computing from NUS to participate in their IT workshop.  The questions are set by IOI medallist and moderated by Prof Tan Sun Teck from NUS SOC.

To prepare for DrCT, we have free 2020 contest papers available in our portal. (https://form.simcc.org).  The students only need to register as our member and they are able to practise on our LMS.  In additional, in order to prepare for the contest, it is also highly recommended that your students buy our Competitive programming 4 book 1.  This is written by Dr Steven Halim and highly recommended by Prof Tan as 30% of DrCT questions are NOI related questions.  It will be quite difficult for your students if they are not prepared.

They can buy the book from our store (https://store.simcc.org)

Bebras is a Computation thinking assessment.  It is an international initiative to promote informatics and computation thinking among students at all ages.

The students can practise the past year papers from the following website.