Objective of DrCT

To cultivate students’ creativity, logical reasoning ability, algorithmic and computational thinking skills.  By solving our contest tasks and using design thinking methodology to develop solutions for a problem statement, we will facilitate a deeper understanding of the world around the learner and enable them to solve everyday problems by leveraging the power of computers and information technology. Students will pick up the finer points of programming, solution focus and be action oriented which is not merely writing a piece of code but involves useful algorithmic techniques and problem-solving skills.


We hope to create a platform that can allow the neighbourhood schools’ students to have an opportunity to learn about informatics in a more creative way and compete with the rest of the world. Using Computation thinking also allows the students to have systematic approach to learn programming and our methodology of combining design thinking and robotics will provide an intuitive first introduction to programming, as well as infinite opportunities for gradually building more advanced projects using an electronics platform fulfilling a standard loved and tested by millions of people who use electronics for real-world applicable projects across the globe.