• Q: I have students that are interested in participating, but they are not a full team of 4 and would like to be paired up with other incomplete teams! How can we do this?
  • A: SIMCC will find others to join your team!
  • Q: Do we have to participate separately from our own homes? Or can our entire team meet up and take the test together?
  • A: Absolutely, your team can meet up and take the test together! We still require that your team is present on Zoom with the video on and all members visible so that you can receive information in a timely manner!
  • Q: Where can I find practice material for the tests? How can we prepare?
  • A: You can take a look at our past-exams, and we also highly recommend looking at past MathCounts, AMC 8/10, and BmMT tests as these are similar in level to the problems at MMT. Please click on the above blue links to get all the contest papers with solutions.
  • Q: I saw the past years questions and instructions for MMT 2022 in the U.S. round that include answers include large powers (e.g. 78), large factorials, large products, and trigonometric functions which cannot be expressed in terms of radicals. A: SIMCC will run MMT Global using SIMCC Contest Management System (CMS) and not Contest Dojo. Hence, we have changed all answers to be expressed in Integers only.